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123 Wall Street, New York / NY

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Fress Canteen is not obliged to accept cancellations of any order, however, may accept such at their discretion but subject to a minimum charge of 30% of the value of the order, where less than 24 hours’ notice is given. We try to be as flexible as possible and when possible and would be happy to action a refund in cases of justified absence of a student. Parents must inform the Fress Canteen office as soon as possible in order to not let food spoil.
    When purchasing a gift card, the person making the purchase will be asked who the gift card is for. After filling out a couple of form items, once the payment has processed, the recipient will receive an email with the gift card. In order to use the gift card, the recipient simply needs to enter the gift card code at checkout and their account will be credited with the gift card amount. The balance will remain in the recipients account until completely used up. Please note that gift cards are ONLY redeemable online and not physically within the canteen.
    The Fress Canteen staff establish weekly and monthly menus according to the season and the specific period of the school year.
    The operator of this venture is a partnership of three people with extensive experience and knowledge of running kosher restaurants and catering services in Cape Town, but the new Herzlia canteen is a brand-new business with a fresh, new approach!. We welcome Michael Wener, David Hepple and Omri Suiza from Goldies and ThePressBar.
    Please feel free to email us at and we will attend to any queries you may have.